The Glen Arbour Homeowners’ Association is a non-profit organization representing the interests of residential property owners within the Glen Arbour community.
GAHA's principal role is to enhance the living experience for residents, focusing on beautification, recreation, common services and other activities that make the community a better place to live and to raise families.
Its purposes are set out in greater detail in the GAHA Mission Statement.
An Executive consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, oversees the operation of the association. Members of the Executive are appointed by a (maximum) 12 member Board of Directors elected by the residents at the AGM.
The By-Laws state that ... The term of office shall be three years (June 1st to May 31st). Directors elected to the Board, may serve three (3) consecutive terms. If a member is an officer of the Board, they may serve in any one position for three consecutive terms. Notwithstanding, upon the expired term as a Board member or officer, he/she may stand for re-election for an additional term.
The Association also maintains a number of committees to attend to the business of the organization, each chaired by members appointed by the Executive. 
GAHA is formally incorporated through the Nova Scotia Societies Act, and remits annual registration fees to the Province to maintain its good standing and certificate of incorporation.
The guiding principles of GAHA are thus derived from this Act, and GAHA’s Board of Directors conduct the business of the association under its governance. A set of Bylaws, amended and approved in November 2021 (changes highlighted), is also in place to support the work of GAHA. 
Dates and reminders for important activities are maintained in a perpetual calendar.
An annual general meeting is held each May, with a semi-annual meeting typically taking place in October. Minutes are prepared by the GAHA Secretary and made available to residents.
Proxy Voting Registration
A Proxy Voting Registration Form is provided to allow a voting household, unable to attend a Glen Arbour Homeowner’s meeting, to assign its proxy to another household.  This form must be filed and confirmed with the GAHA Secretary at least 5 days prior to the meeting.”